Saturday, January 30, 2010

Half way

Since I haven’t been blogging lately I will try to recollect of the things that have been going on in my life lately. So I have switched host families and my situation is kinda of unheard of in the exchange world, but it has been done before! I am staying with a single mom and her Noa and another exchanger from Boston. It’s been fun so far because Carolyn (other exchanger) and I really get along. I have been here for four weeks now and it’s been a blast. I really love my new host mom, Karmela and her son Noa, who is four. Carolyn and I basically switch on and off from playing with Noa, doing household chores and taking showers. Haha. Anyway, we have started a new tradition of making American dishes on sundays and inviting our other exchange friend from Brazil, Victor, to come eat with us. It’s been great with this new tradition and tomorrow I think we are making Chicken Pot Pie. WOO. Never had it before so hope it’s good! There are always local hockey games on Sunday and hopefully we will go more often because the tickets are cheap!

Literally every other day it snows here and it’s got to stop! I am kind of not surprised about the snow now and just want it to go away! It is pretty though. In the beginning of January, Carolyn, Blair and I went to the Snow Queen competition on MT. Sljeme and attempted to watch the ski competition. That plan failed ending up in being laughed at by most of the people on the mountain because we americans couldn’t handle the snow and the freezing weather. I bet I tripped like a million times and made a fool of myself but it was a lot of fun just laughing at ourselves and being laughed….I am guessing we were the only tourists on that mountain.

I recently went to Slovenia to go shopping! WOO. I went to H&M and was sooo happy. That's basically what consisted of my Slovenian road trip…oh! and I ate Mexican food! (Slavic Mexican food). It was interesting and satisfying enough to fill my cravings of Mexicana comida.

As a Rotary group we all went to Salzburg for a district conference with the Austrian exchangers! That was loads of fun and it was great meeting other exchangers. So now I have visited Salzburg twice and loved it both times, except for the fact that each time I went there I got sick :( Going to the district conference really has gotten me excited for EURO TRIP! WOOO.

Last night was noć muzeja which happens once a year in Croatia. What happens is all the museums in Zagreb have free entrance from six to two in the morning. I went with some of my classmates to the new modern art museum, which was really cool to see again and a lot of fun! There was so many people out and about in Zagreb! The city was so live and it was really cool being out and visiting museums. I also went to Mimara, which is a historical museum with a lot of pottery and ancient plates and stuff like that. I didn’t get to go through the whole museum because we wanted to go see the fireworks in the main trg. Then I met up with some of my other exchange friends and walked through the Zagreb Museum which was really cool and I want to go back to actually visit the museum instead of walk through it.

Oh, I guess I never said anything about my holidays!  It was pretty interesting for Christmas and New Years and probably one of the best holiday seasons I have had. I went to the Christmas Eve mass with some of my friends and walked through the center.

So that’s about what’s been going on in my life recently. I have a great life here in Croatia and this experience has probably been the best experience of my life.