Saturday, January 31, 2009

fifthteen in america

hey! My name is Mary Catherine but I go several different names like Sucka MC or M to the C or Teapot or Mary Kate or MJ or Mary Jane but primarily I go by M.C. It's sort. It's simple. It's sweet. It goes with anything.

About a month ago I got accepted for foreign exchange with Rotary! The process of completing an application form was quite the experience. It was fifthteen pages long!!! Yah talk about some work, but I made it through.

Yesterday I got THE CALL. The call that was going to change my life forever and determine my fate of which country I was going to live in. Am I making this suspenseful enough? Hhah. Anyway, so I was talking to my dearest friend Mackenzie when a call came in that I didn't recognize. Naturally, me being the telephone screener, tryed to ignore the call by hanging up on it. As fate would have it I ended up talking to Ms. Linda from the rotary club! I was so so excited to finally hear from someone from rotary because it had been atleast a month since I had last talked anyone. So she gave me the good news. "If you couldn't go to Spain, where would you go?"
"uhhh, Croatia...Itaa---" Before I could say Italy she called out "Yup! That's where you are going!" YES YES YES! I had a feeling that that's where they would put me. So last night my mom, my sister and I went to the bookstore to get some books about Croatia!

This whole day I have been looking things up about Croatia and reading some Rotary youth exchange blogs. They are interesting. They seem so independent and stable in their countries! I really hope I get good host families! All of those bloggers made me want to create a blog so here I am creating my first blog entry! Yahhh!

I can't fathome the idea that in a year I'll be at my halfway point in Croatia!? How exciting! This just means that I've got a lot of preparing to do! Last night I read most of my books about Croatia and the one thing that stood out is their love of art! THere are so many art galleries I am sure there would be local studios where I could take some classes! Yes! That would be so much fun!

It looks like to me that anywhere in the country I would love it. First you've got the coast. The lush beaches are breathtaking and the peacock blue waters are so beautiful it's like a dream. Then you go inland where it has beautiful country sides and the city's capital is not bad as well. It seems like Croatia is a booming country and I can not wait to be a part of it!

It's becoming more real for me now that I know where I am going. When I think about myself living there I can picture myself going to soccer games and art classes. I see myself walking up stony streets and through coast line cities. My greatest fear of all is feeling left alone. I would love some guidance and direction through this whole process and once I get used to life over there it will be a piece of cake. That's for sure.

The main reason I wanted to create this blog to 1 for my friends and family to get a taste of whats happening while I am gone 2 get some advice from other foreign exchangers and 3 to be of assistance to anyone in the upcoming years who wants to become a foreign exchange student.

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