Thursday, May 14, 2009


hello my lovely blog. it's been awhile since I have even looked on this blog. So the update...Okay well...I still have not heard from Croatia yet but I am betting that I will hear from my host families in June. About two months ago I went to Oreintation in Asheville where I met all the outbounders from my district and as well as some others. We got to hear from a girl named Adrianne who went to France last year and she brought her rotary jacket which was cool because she had tons of stuff on hers. My mom and I had a lot of fun in Asheville and I met some really cool people. I really clicked with this one girl, Hannah who goes to Myers Park and we had so much fun at the mrytle beach trip.

At the RYE District Conference all the youth exchange student were there and 500+ rotarians! It was crazy! I met all the indbounders and reunited with Typhaine who goes to my school and she is so much fun. We were only there for a weekend but we all got along so well and I miss them all so much!

I roomed with all inbounds! It was awesome. Franz is from Germany, Kamillia is from Norway, and Ilaria is from Italy. We had so much fun in the room and just goofing around. I wish I could do it all over again!

I wish we would all be together next year, like this was our group of inbounders for next year.....

But luckily we all live close enough to see each other again. Hopefully the storms will hold off and tomorrow will be beautiful because my dad is hosting a bonfire for some of the inbounders. Typhaine, Carol and Ilaria are all supposedly coming so I am excited for that.

It is so awesome that we are all making plans to see each other again because I really do think we all have a great bond. And next year is going to be great because Franz has invited a bunch of us to go to Ocktuberfest in Germany next year!! Life keeps on getting better!

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