Saturday, May 23, 2009


I am basically counting down the days til school is out! There is only about 22 days left and after that I'll be counting the days to go to Croatia! It's getting more exciting now because I found out what city I am going to and my host family contacted me last week!

Zagreb! There are going to be 13 Rotary exchange students in Croatia and we are all going to be in the city of Zagreb. I am so happy. I was really hoping that there would more kids than just me! Haha. For a second I really thought I would be the only American exchange student. But there is actually 9 Americans! In the host club that I will be in there is another girl and she is american too! It's so releiving to have another american with me during this whole process.

I found some of the other exchange students on facebook and we have been talking a bit and we are all getting so excited!!! Zagreb looks beautiful! And my host family seems so nice and awesome. My host sister will be going to Florida while I am there so I will be in her room and I also have a host brother. I have not gotten to talk with the rest of my host family because they are all on a trip so hopefully I'll hear from them soon.

I still can't picture myself there. I believe it but I don't believe in it. It's all a dream to me really. Just wait. I'll be walking on the plane and they will tell me to wake up and go home. Not that I really think this is going to happen but I have never done anything like this! The look on my friends' faces tell me they don't know what to think and quite frankly I don't either. It's going to be the best time of my life and I am really anxious to see what happens.

My host sister tells me that my school is a thirty minute walk?!?!? Well by the end of this I am going to be in the best shape (hopefully). I can also take the bus or train so it's all good. I still want to test out the walking theory and see how it goes. I think my whole speaks English which is awesome but then again is that a bad thing too? All the exchange students that came over here HAD to learn English and me? I really hope I don't become lazy and only speak English over there. I think the school that I am going to is going to be all Croatian. Soooo good and bad to everything like I always say so I'll suck it up and go for it.

I am really excited because the Rotary Club wants to take us all to the coast and to the Plitvice Lakes!!! Talk about lijep! And to Dubrovik? OMG. SO SO PRETTY. We are going to have so much fun....ahhh when do I leave?

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