Thursday, October 1, 2009

things are looking a little more like home

Rujan is officially completed and done with and I am so happy about that fact. Usually, I hate the fact that time slips away from you and you can’t believe that it has gone by that fast. But today I am especially happy that Rujan and gone and over with because that was possibly the hardest, just adjusting month of my life. I feel like I have changed a lot from just that one month and I am completely out of the funk that I was in. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t think about home, I do, but I would much rather be here.

I was just thinking about (I have a lot of time to think) how I have grown to like my new surroundings and how it’s not weird to me anymore. When I first came here, I thought that the calendars were really weird and the showers…ohh those darn showers!…I am still forcing myself not think about how it is back home with the showers! ha-ha. Anyway, my new host home is lovely, and I don’t feel weird about being here anymore. I really thought that feeling of uncomfortableness would stay with me but luckily it hasn’t.

School is going by faster these days with my new coloring book and thankfully my classmates have started to label things for me and even started to quiz me…which I don’t like but I will eventually start to memorize. There are a lot of things to look forward to this month. Starting this Saturday, I am going to the zoo in Zagreb (OMG!) I am super excited because my friend Nora got to go last week with her class and now me and my friend Sierra are going with her host parents. I don’t think I’ve been to a zoo since I was in middle school and now it’s even more exciting because I am going to a foreign country’s zoo! Last night I was so excited about going to the zoo, I started to make flashcards with animals names on them!

Then on the 17-19 of Listopad (October) there is a Rotary District Conference in Salzburg! I am sooo excited for that because we get to meet everyone in the eastern European countries! And I get to miss school! YIPPY. Then the next weekend (24-25 of October) I am going to Austria AGAIN with my class to Bratislava and Bec. We are going on the biggest river in Europe, exciting, and just doing some site seeing!

Croatian classes are going ok, I guess. I feel like I try really hard to understand the grammar and what the teacher is talking about but sometimes I just want to speak Spanish because that’s what I know! I am going to get my Croatian book today hopefully so then I can really start to study the language.

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