Monday, September 7, 2009


So today was the first day of school and it was amazing! I met so many nice people and all my classmates are awesome! They all are friends it seems and they are very accepting! I am so so happy because I really thought that I wouldn’t be talking to anyone on the first day much. School it self was boring…all the teachers speaking in Croatian…so I couldn’t understand much. And they had a lot of breaks between classes! And everyone smokes or at least 80% do and it’s kinda weird to get used to.

But after school was great to because we all hung out at a bar where I guess everybody from our school does also. So we had our own little group and some people mingled with others…it was different from what I am used to but I am so happy that they asked me to come! But now I have a name to live up to because they had a girl from FL as an exchange student and they loved her! And hopefully they will love me! So the school year has started off great and I can’t wait to see what the rest of school year is like.

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