Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Maybe now that I have a clear head and I am in a better state of mind I can actually blog about what has been happening in my life in Zagreb. It’s going to sound boring right now because there is not much to say.

So I arrived on the 26th and my host parents were there to greet me with lots of gifts. I was so so surprised and happy that my host family is very nice and caring. So they took me to their home and I unloaded everything in my suitcases and made things feel a little like home. Then Ivan Sr. and Jr. took me to their friends houses to visit and naturally they all were speaking Croatian. So I had no idea what they were talking about. It was a good feeling not having to pay attention to what they were saying, so I could just relax. But I saw some interesting homes and enjoyed spending time with Ivan Sr. and Jr.

The next day my host parents took me to the seaside and it was beautiful! I was excited to see Seline and go to the shore. Their house was really different from what I am used to but I was ok with it. There was one small kitchen, one bathroom and two bedrooms with no living room area. But I figured out that they spent a lot of time out on the patio instead of being inside. I met my host sister’s friend Eva, who has a house in Seline and she was a lot of fun to hang out with. It was good to talk to somebody my own age and get the down low of what’s going on in Seline.

The second day of being in Seline, we went to Zadar with my host parent’s cousins. They were very nice and Matija showed me around Zadar. I liked Zadar very much and there were so many people out and about. On friday night, we all went to Starigrad, another seaside village like Seline (actually right next to each other), and explored some more.

I got very homesick during my stay in Seline and it was quite overwhelming! On sunday I ate some bad pizza and I threw up and started to have a fever. That was probably the worst of my lows! Homesickness+Culture Shock+Physical sickness do not mix very well! Before I got sick my host parents took me on a hike with their family and we went into the mountains that over look Seline. It was very beautiful.

Then after we got back from the hiking we went to Nin, the smallest town in the world I believe. They had a lot of small things there. Like the smallest cathedral in the world and the first roman temple or something like that. So I saw a lot of history. I also went to Pag on saturday night and I loved it! There were some buddist Croatians in Pag for some reason and I thought it was very funny. Jelena and I went to the salt museum and learned how salt is harvested and such. I am so glad Croatia has a lot of english speakers and english writing everywhere!!!

Monday we returned to Zagreb because Jelena was concerned with my fever and she wanted me to rest. It’s been since sunday that I have had a fever and today I went to the hospital to check on what going on with my body. They drew blood from me which was quite an experience because I have never had blood drawn from my arm. I cried like no other! Then the doctor examined me and said that I have a viral fever and it should go away by friday. If it doesn’t go away I have to go back to the hospital on friday….great. The doctor was a little concerned about my heart and hopefully it is nothing major but if I do have something wrong with my heart I want to go back to America so I can do the procedure there. Augh, I love being sick! I am getting used to being here in Zagreb and now I don’t want to go home for homesickness but if it comes down to heart problems it would be better to go home :( and that makes me even sadder! I am just getting out of my funk with culture shock so I want to keep going! I know that God has a plan in mind for me so if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.

keep me in your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. Oh sweet MC!!! I am so sorry things are rotten right now. I will be praying that your sickness will clear up right away and that its nothing major. I'm so glad your host family is taking good care of you. We love you!!!